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History of the Company
ColdLasers.Com is the largest independent cold laser sales site in the world. This site was created in 2004 to help users with the sales and support of cold laser equipment. If you need help with an older product, please send an email to repair@coldlasers.com. The site was acquired 10 years later and is now part of a larger network of functional therapeutic websites created to give professionals and home users more complete laser resources. Before ColdLasers.Com, buying a cold laser was a a challenge because buyers were in the dark. ColdLasers.Org is different because we want buyers to know all their options and understand as much as possible about cold lasers: their strengths, weaknesses and all the legal requirements behind the use of cold lasers. Our goal is transparency so we want shoppers to understand all their options before they make a purchase.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help shoppers understand their options and then help them find the best alternative, whether it is our product or not. By aggregating resources for all around the world, we provide the best resource for comparing lasers in an apples-to-apples comparison. By working closely with several manufacturers, we have resources to help user learn about every laser and understand which product will be the best for them.

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