EVOlaser D30 Class-4 Laser System

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Quick Specs

Applications: Human, companion pets and equine.
Output: 15000mW @ 810nm
15000mW @ 980nm
Waveforms: CW and pulsed
FDA: Cleared
Stock: Yes
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Warranty: 5 years

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The EVOlaser is one the best class 4 lasers on the market. The D30 has more feature and higher quality than the other $25,000 class-4 lasers for a fraction of the price. With a 5 year warranty and a great build-quality, this system will outlast most class-4 competitors. The Gen 3 version of the D30 is cloud connected so it can be upgrade in the future if you add it onto your WiFi network. It has multi-step programs that allow users to combine multiple pulsing frequencies and continuous wave to maximize efficacy for a wide variety of issues. With a 8 inch touchscreen, it is easy to master this system. This combination of wavelength, power and pulsing will allow this system to get great results with very little effort.
Patient: Humans, Pets and Horses
Health Care Providers: Yes
Home Users: Yes
Energy Output
15,000 mW (15W) @ 810nm
15,000 mW (15W) @ 980nm
Treatment Types
Broad coverage: Yes
Pinpoint Coverage: Optional pinpoint adapter available
Treatment area (with skin contact): 1.00 Square Inches

User Interface

Separate controller with LCD display of countdown time and mode
5 programmable soft buttons
Training DVD, quick reference card and "Cookbook" style pictorial protocol manual

Safety Class: 2
Safety Lockout: None

Overall Specifications
Emitter Weight: 9 oz.
Emitter Dimensions: 1-1/2 in x 2 in x 6 in
Shipping Weight 7 lbs including accessories and case

Power Specification
Power Supply: 110/220v AC input

Emitter Types
One GaAlAs 905 nm infrared diodes
Four 15 mW (875 nm) infrared lights
One 7.5 mW (660 nm) red light
Warranty / Service
Standard: 2 Years
Service Location: Ohio
Laser Class
1 & 2
This product is considered over-the-counter, and there is no medical supervision required to purchase this product. This product is sold for human to health care providers and home users.
3a, 3r and 3b
The product is available to anyone.
4 There are no regulations around the use of LED bases light therapy systems.
The combination of structural problems.

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