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Here is a list of all the article about cold laser therapy and cold lasers.

Cold Laser Buyer's Guide

This is the ultimate 2014 guide to cold lasers and cold laser technology. Cut through the marketing and get right to the basic facts about cold lasers and cold laser therapy. This article will help you understand the different classes of lasers and you browse a huge table of most of the cold lasers on the market today for use on humans.

Cold Laser Reviews & Testimonials

This is a list of reviews and testimonials for people who have purchases cold lasers that we sell.

Going Off Label? Going Off Label?

If you are considering using a cold laser for any other application than pain reduction, inflammation reduction and increased blood flow, then you are going off label. Here is what you need to know.

What is LLLT?

If you want to learn about the basics of cold laser or low level laser therapy, this article will introduce you to all the basics. Learn more about FDA requirements for selling and marketing cold lasers. This article will help you understand why the cold laser market is so complex.

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