Apollo Handheld 2000mW Cold Laser System

Apollo Handheld with 2000mW Emitter
Quick Specs
Applications: Humans, pets and equine
Output: 2,000mW (2 W) @ 810 nm
Waveforms: Continuous Wave Only
Class: 4
FDA: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 3 - 4 Days
Shipping: Free
Warranty: 2 Years
Restrictions: Sold to health care providers only for use humans, sold to anyone for use on pets and horses.

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The Apollo handheld is an exceptionally-valued Class 4 cold laser because of its power and portability and price. With 2,000 mW 810nm continuous wave output, practitioners from chiropractors to trainers will appreciate its light weight, battery operation and ability to treat a wide array of applications. The Apollo 2,000 mW cold laser is also easy to use with no programming necessary and an on/off switch.

The Apollo handheld system features:

  • LCD display that provides probe status and treatment times
  • User controlled treatment times selectable between 10 seconds and 2 minutes
  • Built in power test for assessing probe output
  • Built in safety and fault detection software
  • Key activated on/off power system
  • Advanced Protocol training manuals
  • 2-year warranty
  • No mandatory servicing
The Apollo Hand Held System includes:

  • Hand held system with 2,000mW 810nm continuous wave output
  • Travel bag
  • Holster, power adapter, stand
  • 2 pairs of safety goggles
  • Training DVD, book, and operation manual
Patient: Humans, Pets and Horses
Health Care Providers: Yes
Home Users: Sold for Pets and Horses Only

Energy Output
2,000mW @ 808nm Continuous Wave (Infrared) Laser

Treatment Types
Broad coverage: Yes
Treatment area (with skin contact): 1.33 Square Inches

User Interface
4 line blue back-lit display shows actual power output
Built in tester to measure output on front of unit
Push button on emitter for on/off operation & 120-second timer Training DVD and "Cookbook" pictorial protocol manual

Safety Class: 4
Safety Lockout: Password required to start unit.

Overall Specifications
Emitter Weight: 9 oz.
Emitter Dimensions: 1-1/2 in x 2 in x 6 in
Shipping Weight 7 lbs including accessories and case

Power Specification
Power Supply: Internal Battery Operated

Emitter Types
Four 500mW GaAlAs 808nm infrared diodes.
One 660nm red LED aiming light
Beam Divergence 9x38 degrees
Power Density: 2500mW/cm

Warranty / Service
Standard: 2 Years
Service Location: North Dakota

This product can only be sold to licensed professionals for treating humans and companion animals. It can be sold to non-licensed professionals for equine use.

Laser Class Requirements
1 & 2 This product is considered over-the-counter, and there is no medical supervision required to purchase this product. This product is sold for human and animal applications to health care providers and home users.
3a, 3r and 3b This product can be sold to any trained health care provider. It can be sold to home users for use on pets and horses. In order to buy this system for home use on a human a recommendation is required from a trained health care provider. Most home users get a letter from a chiropractor, acupuncturist, herbalist, physical therapist, or trained massage therapist recommending the purchase of a laser or laser therapy. This product does NOT require a prescription from a licensed MD. This product can be sold to any trained health care provider or home user that meets these minimum requirements.
Please email your recommendation to Info@ColdLasers.com
4 This product is sold to professionals only (for use on humans), not because of FDA requirements but because the product requires advanced training for safe operation. Some products may be sold to non-professional for use on pets and horses. This requirement is established by the manufacturer.

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