ReGen Pod Q8 from BioPhotonica

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Applications: Human
Output: 1,900,000mW @635nm
1,900,000mW @810nm
1,900,000mW @850nm
1,900,000mW @940nm
Waveforms: CW, pulsed and multi-step pulsed
FDA: Registered
Stock: Yes
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Warranty: 5 years

Our Price: $89,500

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Product Code: Q8

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The ReGen Pod is the ultimate light therapy solution.
Laser Class
1 & 2
This product is considered over-the-counter, and there is no medical supervision required to purchase this product. This product is sold for human to health care providers and home users.
3a, 3r and 3b
The product is available to anyone.
4 There are no regulations around the use of LED bases light therapy systems.
The Regen Pod from Biophotonica was created to recreate the am

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