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History of the Company
For many years, we researched and published independent info about laser therapy and PBM at ColdLasers.Org. At one point in time, we began selling lasers on that site but some people were confused about the .org domain as a seller so we purchased coldlasers.com. We tried to have the 2 sites compete against each other so see which one people liked best. Now we know, everyone prefers the .org. After setting up this site with a more simple format to make buying easier, we realized that everyone need a little education on lasers and so most people prefer the .org. For this reason, we have not spent a lot of time updating this site. While coldlasers.org has much more educational info, this site is better for making a quick comparison. We support both sites. If you need help with an older product, please send an email to help@coldlasers.com. We also manage our training site at www.laser-therapy.us

Mission Statement
Our mission is to help shoppers understand their options and then help them find the best alternative, whether it is our product or not. By aggregating resources for all around the world, we provide the best resource for comparing lasers in an apples-to-apples comparison. By working closely with several manufacturers, we have resources to help user learn about every laser and understand which product will be the best for them.

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