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The Laserex family of products are non-FDA cleared class 3b cold lasers optimized for the treatment of animals. These products include continuous and pulsed wave output ranging from 300mW to 450mW (using interchangeable heads) at 808nm with a color display and self timer so you can get repeatable photon density in a wide range of applications. Although this product is equally effective for equine therapy, the Laserex product line was originally created to help greyhound dogs that are often destroyed after their racing career is over because they have so many structural and muscular problems. The Laserex systems is great for helping all types of animal with chronic or acute pain. The system uses a control unit built into the handle with a color display that shows total energy levels and total treatment. You can select an emitter head based on your specific requirements. Use the single diode head for trigger point therapy and working with small joints or areas of the body.

Laserex 3000 - 300mW Veterinary Laser

Our Price: $2,246

With a single laser beam output of 300mW at 808nm. The Laserex 3000 Veterinary laser is for treating small animals or performing laser acupuncture. The color display shows the actual laser output for more accurate therapies. more info

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Laserex 3000 - 450mW Veterinary Laser

Our Price: $2,672

With a 3 laser beams for a total output of 450mW at 808nm, the Laserex 3000 Veterinary laser is for treating broad areas on companion pets and horses. The color display shows the actual laser output for more accurate therapies. more info

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Laserex 3000 - Dual Head Veterinary Laser

Our Price: $3,498

The Laserex 3000 Dual Head Veterinary laser system includes both the cluster head and the pinpoint head for treating both small and large animals. more info

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The Class 3b Laserex 3000 family of cold lasers are the perfect combination of flexibility, portability and power, providing veterinarians another effective tool for this practice. The battery-operated, ergonomic design makes treating animals easy whether in the office or out in the field. Interchangeable heads, multiple laser modes and a standard 808nm wavelength give the user treatment options for a variety of applications. carries three Laserex systems:

  • Laserex 3000-808-300a Cold Laser System with a single 808nm 300mw Laser head
  • Laserex 3000-808-450a Cold Laser System with a cluster head
  • Laserex 3000-808-Dual Cold Laser System with single and cluster heads

Interchangeable Heads
Operating the Laserex 3000 from a single head or a cluster head from the same base unit saves time treating both large and small muscle groups on one animal. These different heads also allow small muscle groups treatment on smaller animals like a dog and large muscle group treatment on larger animals such as a horse.

The Laserex 3000’s design makes it an essential tool for the busy veterinarian or trainer. Measuring only 8in. long and weighing in at just 1lb. including batteries, the 3000 makes treating fidgety animals easier and removes the difficulty of treatment in busy, multi-room practices and field scenarios.

The Laserex 3000 comes standard with four RF interlocks as well as laser safety eye wear. It is fully compliant with International Laser Safety Standards and is FDA approved for the veterinary market.

Stunning OLED Screen Display
The high contrast OLED screen and soft controls buttons allow the user to concentrate on the treatment and not worry about operating the device.

Store up to 14 programmable treatments. Retrieve programs for a variety of standard protocols then execute then execute them with ease.

Battery Operated
Never worry about running out of power in the field with the Laserex’s two sets of interchangeable batteries. A charging station for the office makes powering up easy.

The Laserex 3000 is recommended for treating the following conditions:

  • Acupuncture points
  • Arthritic pain
  • Back pain
  • Fetlock injuries
  • Heal bruises & contusions
  • Heal injured tendons
  • Heal ligament injuries
  • Hock injuries
  • Laminitis
  • Reduce inflammation in sprained joints
  • Rejuvenate cells
  • Relieve stiffness and pain in joints and muscles
  • Tendonitis

The Laserex 3000 system is the perfect cold laser for the veterinarian wanting a complete, easy to sue system and the trainer needing portability and cordless operation.

This unit is available for home use on animals including companion pets and horses.

The Laserex Package Features:

  • Interchangeable emitter heads available with single and multiple lasers.
  • Continuous and pulsed laser modes
  • Standard 808nm wavelength with custom wavelengths available
  • Full color display
  • Protocol manual
  • Operating manual & user's guide
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Aluminum hard case
  • 110 volt battery charger

This unit is available for home use on animals including companion pets and horses.

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