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I have been practicing for 20 years and have always kept up with the latest technology when it comes to treating my patients. The TerraQuant Laser is the most scientific and effective modality that has come along since Therapeutic Ultrasound. The ability to use the equipment and its safety factors is by far the best. We have used it effectively for all musculoskeletal conditions for both acute and chronic conditions. It has increased our patient referrals significantly.
Brent Ungar, DC
Pain & Wellness Center, Canton, OH

Over the past four years, I have worked extensively with many laser technologies as both a clinician and an educator. In my opinion, the TerraQuant is by far one of the most advanced technologies available on the market today. The unique combination of optimal power, wavelength and frequency is ideal for biostimulation in injured tissues. Not only does it help me to return my athletes to play faster after an injury, it manages my clinical patient’s pain in a way that is superior to other modalities. Now more than ever, clinicians need to explore the benefits of light and realize the difference phototherapy can make in their outcomes.
Douglas Johnson, ATC, EES, CLS,
Laser Center of Michigan, Founder/Co-owner.

I really didn’t think I could get the same results at home that I get from my doctor’s class 4 laser but I am. Thanks. Christine Winters Zuma’s Rescue Ranch,is home to on average 50 rescue horses with a host of physical ailments. We have been using the Avant Cold Laser to treat everything including fractured bones with tremendous success.Using the parasympathetic setting to begin treatments calms the horses and makes the treatments go so smooth. Inflammation being the number one cause for pain and joint disease is reduced significantly with just one treatment. We are excited to add this therapy to our Equine Rehabilitation program for speed of healing and reduced veterinary costs.
Jodi Messenich
Executive Director:Zuma's Rescue Ranch

After using my cold laser on every kind of animal from rabbits to horses, there is no denying it makes a big difference. You can see it immediately.
Chris Barone

I have been blown away with the success of the laser with my patients it’s everything I expected and more. Most of my patients show dramatic improvements in just a few visits.
William C Davis, DC, CCAc, FAACA, DAACA

14 Seconds. For 3 years my rib has been hurting and in just 14 seconds, the pain was gone. This was no placebo effect. I just can’t believe how fast it was.
Gerald Houseweart, Benton, Pa.

"Apollo is by FAR the best designed, most efficient and easiest to use laser I have ever seen. It is durable, reliable and theraputically superior. My patients love it, my practice and income have grown from it, and I can't imagine how I could practice without it. If you compare the features, design, trustworthiness, and VALUE of low level lasers available today, there is no better choice than the Apollo."
Dr. Mark de Dubovay
Director, Advanced Wellness Center
Long Beach. CA

"The TerraQuant Laser machine is an integral part of our everyday treatment plans. This simple procedure offers the patient tremendous results in a relatively short amount of time. The TerraQuant Laser offers our patient a completely painless and non-invasive treatment option instead of a surgical procedure. This advanced technology has allowed us to fine tune our treatment plans with outstanding results"
Dr. Maria Hofmaier, DC
Founder and Director of Hofmaier Chiropractic

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