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Back in 2007, I had some serious health problems and got "miraculously" improved through laser therapy. At the time, I was mainly writing for different websites so I started studying and writing about cold lasers and publishing it at ColdLasers.ORG. After are few years, I built up a good independent resource for those new to laser therapy and some of the manufacturers asked me to sell lasers. (The site ColdLasers.ORG is still full of educational information, but we sell lasers there)

Then in 2015, I purchased ColdLasers.COM and from a guy who used to make and sell laser but gave up and now sell real estate. I tried to set it up ColdLasers.COM as a traditional ecommerce site for people who don't want to wade through lots of information. Unfortunately, everyone seems to like the .ORG better so we have not maintained this site as well as we should have. To minimize our support requirements, the purchase links will redirect you to ColdLasers.ORG. If you want to see the latest and greatest information, please visit our other sites:

ColdLasers.Org: Great to learn more about lasers and see all the latest technology.

Laser-Therapy.US: Research and watch videos on laser therapy and photobiomodulation (PBM).
Ken Teegardin ( Founder)

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