TerraQuant Elite Cold Laser System

TerraQuant Elite Package
Quick Specs
Applications: Humans, pets and equine
Output: 25,000 mW
Infrared LEDs:
Waveforms: Super Pulsed Only
Class: 1r
FDA: Cleared
Stock: Yes
Delivery: 3-4 Days
Shipping: Free
Warranty: 2 Years
Restrictions: None

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Powerful. Flexible. Upgradeable. These traits have made the Elite the most popular TerraQuant package. And the comprehensive Elite package's separate emitter and controller are perfect for the busy practitioner.

The Elite includes an SE25 (25,000mW) emitter and has dual ports that allow upgrading to the high-power LS50 emitter. For special applications like acupuncture and muscle triggering, the SE25 emitter allows for additional probes and even hands-free application via the emitter armature (sold separately).

Because the TerraQuant Elite pulses the laser at extremely high speeds, it can be purchased without a doctor's recommendation for home use.

The TerraQuant Elite Package Includes:
  • TerraQuant Console With Dual Output Ports
  • SE25 Standard Emitter (25,000mW) with:
    • 4 cm2 Treatment Area
    • 1 GaA Super-Pulsed Laser
    • 4 Infrared Emitting Diodes
    • 4 Red Light Emitting Diodes
  • Operating Manual & User's Guide
  • Protocol Manual
  • 2 pairs of Green Laser Safety Goggles
  • Soft Sided Case
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

FDA Terraquant

The Terraquant Elite Cold Laser System is one of the most complete systems on the market, it's FDA cleared and pulsing at a relatively high power level (25,000 mW Ga As Super Pulsed Laser) which allows high-power results at a lower and safer RMS power level. Super-pulsing the laser in intervals as short as billionths of a second produces deep penetrating energy (photons) without generating heat and any risk of damage.

Patient: Humans, Pets and Horses
Health Care Providers: Yes
Home Users: Yes
Energy Output
25,000 super-pulsed mW (peak) @ 905 nm Laser
60 mW (875 nm) infrared light
7.5 mW (660 nm) red light

Treatment Types
Broad coverage: Yes
Pinpoint Coverage: Optional pinpoint adapter available
Treatment area (with skin contact): 1.00 Square Inches

User Interface

Separate controller with LCD display of countdown time and mode
5 programmable soft buttons
Training DVD, quick reference card and "Cookbook" style pictorial protocol manual

Safety Class: 2
Safety Lockout: None

Overall Specifications
Emitter Weight: 9 oz.
Emitter Dimensions: 1-1/2 in x 2 in x 6 in
Shipping Weight 7 lbs including accessories and case

Power Specification
Power Supply: 110/220v AC input

Emitter Types
One GaAlAs 905 nm infrared diodes
Four 15 mW (875 nm) infrared lights
One 7.5 mW (660 nm) red light
Warranty / Service
Standard: 2 Years
Service Location: Ohio
This class 1r product is in the safest class of lasers and can be purchased for home use.

Laser Class Requirements
1 & 2 This product is considered over-the-counter, and there is no medical supervision required to purchase this product. This product is sold for human and animal applications to health care providers and home users.
3a, 3r and 3b This product can be sold to any trained health care provider. It can be sold to home users for use on pets and horses. In order to buy this system for home use on humans requires a recommendation from a trained health care provider. Most home owners get a letter or email from a chiropractor, acupuncturist, herbalist, physical therapist, or trained massage therapist recommending the purchase of a laser or laser therapy. This product does NOT require a prescription from a licensed MD. This product can be sold to any trained health care provider or home user that meets these minimum requirements.
Please email your recommendation to Info@ColdLasers.com
4 This product is sold to professionals only (for use on humans), not because of FDA requirements but because the product requires advanced training for safe operation. Some products may be sold to non-professional for use on pets and horses. This requirement is established by the manufacturer.
The SE25 emitter can be used with the probe adapter set.

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